Oops I did it again

Yep in the talented words of Britney Spears (#freebritney) ‘Oops I did It again.’

Ok so it’s been 18 months since I last posted and whilst that is utter shite on my part here’s why in a bullet point nutshell.

World pandemic (oh yeah almost forgot)

Pregnant in lockdown

Gave birth to second child in lockdown

Looked after baby and an energetic 4 year old in lockdown

Running my brand and design agency that I registered at the start of lockdown

Organising the house — washing, cleaning, cooking, more washing, cleaning, cooking, endless picking up of toys, that seem to multiply, more cooking and cleaning — bloody hell why did you empty that toy box over the floor when I’ve just tidied it for the 5th fucking time ahhhhh!!! (Sorry got

Side tracked on that one)

Trying to stay semi-sane through the entire thing

Maintaining basic hygiene — brushing teeth, hair, getting dressed, putting on make-up — actually strike that out — my make up bag literally turned to dust during lockdown. #NaturalBeauty more like #GivenUp

Well this isn’t a ‘woe is me’ moment. (Quick side note, I just googled where does this phrase originate from — turns out the bible….who knew!)

I know many have had it a lot worse, what with juggling work, homeschooling (if you have children) and just trying to keep a positive mental attitude when your whole wide world has been turned upside down.

But this is about my experience and my family — and fuck me — what a whirlwind it has been. Lockdown got us back to basics of appreciating our time with one another, but since the restrictions have relaxed I feel like life has just got crazy full again, trying to keep the focus on family and work and then throw in time for socialising!

Yeah that thing we used to do when we went out and saw friends, drank in a bar, had a coffee and a natter, went for dinner, felt ecstatic when you got a night off from the little ones 🤣🤣🤣 Come on don’t make me feel bad we all do it; babysitter arrives (my mum and dad in my case) you say “you sure you’ll be ok” with

one foot already out the door.

Finding the time to sit and write for my blog just became a thing of the past. Sure I guess some may say if it was a priority I would do it, and yeah probably fair point.

I mean when you are watching businesses collapse around you, people being furloughed, some struggling on universal credit — I thought, nah not me, I’m backing myself let’s do this. And so I registered Orange Lamb as a Limited company, and have focused on it ever since. Aside from the kids that is. Oh and the hubby James (better not forget him).

Earning money. Paying the bills. Keeping food on the table. The simple priorities that I’ve been fortunate enough to never have to micro manage before, suddenly were at the forefront of our minds.

James also set up his own Podcast Agency, The Ultimate Podcast Group after the pandemic put a stop to a work project he was involved in. And so there we’ve been, working our arses off, doing what we can do to provide, keep our heads above water and come out the other side positively.

And I have to say, we are doing really well. Both businesses are going from strength to strength.

Orange Lamb is constantly taking on new projects, 95% through recommendations. I love the work, I can fit it in around my family life and I work with clients I genuinely like and respect.

I mean sure I work pretty much every evening, and it’s like a race to my desk when baby George is ready for his

nap, but we are doing it, earning money and most importantly we are more connected as a family then we have been.

Sometimes in life your priorities change and that’s ok. For instance when you have kids for example, your priorities change. Nights out may become nights in. Money to buy a new dress now may go on nappies, baby wipes and milk.

What I am absolutely awful at is beating myself up over what I haven’t done.

Yep I’m one of them.

A worrier.

An over thinker.

Family Unfiltered was due to transition into a podcast. James being a podcast launch expert and him also confirming that I could talk for England, it made logical sense. Plus it taps into another side of my creativity and should also be easier to manage then writing long form posts.

Yeah the transition hasn’t quite happened yet as you may have guessed 🤣🤣 Mainly because I’m not very good at prioritising my passion projects over delivering work for a client. (I have a habit of trying to turn my work around in super speed time …which really is not that commendable as it leads to putting unnecessary pressure on myself and working until stupidly late at night.)

But I’ll get there.

And there is no stick in sight to hit me with. (Actually there is one as Louis, my 4 year old, always grabs a load of woodland crap every time we go for a walk. Maybe it’s me but I call it crap as I can’t help think of the amount of dogs that has pissed on the twigs he collects #overshare). But the point I was making is that I’m not beating myself with it.

I’m owning my ‘shitness’, my neglect of this blog.

But there’s still time right? To reflect on what’s been, share memories and thoughts. And to share what is now.

Maybe this is the start to another chapter of Family Unfiltered.

If you have just started following me — then thanks so much. I appreciate you.

And I promise, this slightly hyped, mad woman rambling style post will not be the feature of every one! It will definitely feature again I’m sure but not every post.

Until next time… (hopefully before 18 months)…happy reading 😃



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