I have just read an article on medium written by a mother of a two-year old daughter, the title read “I wish I knew What Parenting Was Really Like Before I Decided To Have A Child.”

There was a genuine sadness to this post and I am sure so many parents reading it would seem horrified or offended, but I make no judgement as I can totally sympathise with how she is feeling.

Now let me start by saying I am not in the same position as this lady, she clearly regrets her life decisions — I do not, however…

I mean is it me or have the kids toy market gone fucking bat shit crazy. Forget the ‘hottest toys for 2020 list’, this is the ‘what the fuck is this shit? toy list’.

Every day I get the pleasure of watching Disney Junior with my 3-year old, normally in the morning whilst he eats his breakfast and in the afternoon whilst I am back and forth getting the dinner ready — you know the drill, the juggling act where TV is the babysitter.

On this channel, like most kids channels, there are toy adverts galore, each one aiming to…

Me and Louis reading “What’s In Your Tummy Mummy?”

I actually wrote this blog 6-weeks ago and for some reason never published it — a typical Hayley procrastination characteristic of mine. But now at 40 weeks pregnant, and 2-days overdue, I thought now would be a good time to get back to some writing. I was convinced that baby number 2 would come early, given Louis was born a week early but that’s not the case! …

When your child turns to you and says “Mummy, I love Gordon so much” it makes it all worth it.

So what’s this all about?

Since lockdown we have had to deal with a mixture of behaviour from our 3 ½ year old Louis:

Louis Reward Chart
  • Happy as Larry days.
  • Moody and grumpy days.
  • Frustrated and short tempered days.
  • Back chat/teenager days.
  • Pee and poo accidents.
  • Battle getting him dressed.
  • Battle brushing his teeth.
  • Stages of not wanting to go in the garden or for a walk to the woods, he says “there’s a flu virus and we need to stay at…

Louis and his Daddy hunting for Thomas the Tank Engine in the woods

Boys club is on the rise in The Burtt house. Since lockdown or pregnancy — it’s hard to know which one — Louis has become obsessed with his Dad.

Where as I used to be the one that would get him dressed, do his teeth, help with bedtime routine — (the primary care giver) — now, if Daddy is around, I am defunct.

Now in some respects I’m lucky. Being heavily pregnant I get pretty tired, so having to sit on my bum whilst James battles with the bed time routine of teeth brushing, pee pee, PJ’s and made up…

This is a funny blog, and a very short one but I just had to share and get some feedback.

So my 3-year old Louis refers to his genitals as ‘winky’. Sometimes we say ‘winky woo woo’ or ‘stinky winky’ a joke derived from a time where The Teletubbies were a big thing in our house.

But we don’t really talk about female genitals.

However this morning, after waking us up with his usual run into our room, jump onto our bed and shout, “wake up sleepy heads” he was talking about farts to which I corrected, “Er we say…

You can only do your best!

This is going to be a short blog, shouting out to all the parents out there currently struggling during lockdown.

Yes struggling. Pulling your hair out. Breaking down. Crying. Not knowing how you are going to get through the week, the day, the hour!

So let’s lay our cards on the table here. Yes, I’m sure for some of you lockdown has been joyful. Maybe you’ve managed to spend more time as a family and it’s just so dreamy and beautiful. Well fucking done, I sound sarcastic but I mean it. That’s great for you.

But I’m talking to the…

Me & The Hubby on Date Night

Now I realise the title may sound a little on the sexual side but I’m actually not referring to time between the sheets. No I innocently mean being able to spend quality time with your partner when your life has been confined to your own four walls.

Now my hubby James and I are lucky in the sense that currently we only have one child to look after and he goes to bed around 7pm, normally quite well these days — aside from the odd night where overtiredness kicks in and he acts like a complete mental arsehole! But on…

Me, James & Louis enjoying the garden sunshines

So we are on day 21 of our house lock down, and it’s certainly been an interesting time so far. The first thing that springs to mind is how I am actually getting used to this. At 5-months pregnant I am being extra cautious and haven’t left the house. I know I should, for exercise at least, but I want to do as much as I can to protect my little bundle soon to join the world.

And who knows what type of world it will be in 4-months time. Sounds dramatic but it’s true.

Look at our lives now.

I started writing this blog around 4 months ago, it shares the start of my journey for baby number two! It’s been pretty plain sailing so far, well until recent events. Who knows what the world will be like in 5 months time! Anyway I have enjoyed documenting everything so far and reflecting on the different feelings from my first pregnancy until now. I am sure many of you can relate.

12 Week Scan Photo

I started writing this blog around 4 months ago, it shares the start of my journey for baby number two! It’s been pretty plain sailing so far, well until…

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As a full time mum and wife, I will share the joys, struggles and hilarious adventures of real life parenthood.

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